Poker Players From U.S Move out to Play


In the U.S on Black Friday three of the largest poker websites were shut down which is believed to have been spurred by the casino’s which was losing customers to the websites.

One man known as Nathan Singer who was effected by the banning of the websites and who uses online poker to make a living earning around $70,000 has decided to move to Panama so that he can continue with his job.

He is just one of many who had to do the same thing to make there living who on average can make up to $10,000 a month you can see why they opted for the move.

“I can tell how other players are feeling and what they are likely to do, even online,” he says. “I’m also able to stay calm and look at things very rationally, which is hugely important in poker, where results are not dependent on process — you can often do the right thing and lose, or the wrong thing and win.”



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