YouTube Video Reveals Poker Cheaters or Does it ?

The YouTube video which has a compilation of supposed codes and signals between two players.

As a result of the video French players Jean Paul Pasqualini and Cedric Rossi are being accused of working together to cheat the system by using hand signals to tell each other what sort of cards they have. The video was put together by Nordine Bouya, another French poker player and it shows the two touching parts of their face and head time after time.

Pasqualini and Rossi both came first and second with Pasqualini winning € 1 million and Rossi  walking a way with over €600k.

The two will face no consequences at this point since their are know specific regulations against what they have proposedly done.

Although the two have been banned from their rankings. Global Poker Index CEO Alex Dreyfus said ”By taking this action, we are not claiming that we know they cheated, this is up to the casinos and the overseeing regulatory bodies to decide” he added ”What we are convinced of is that there wasn’t fairness at the table. Unfair behaviour will not be promoted via the Global Poker Index”.


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